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Moving Safety Tips

With packing paper, tape and boxes all over your home, moving can be a little hectic. Then you add in the loading, transporting and unloading and you can go from feeling a little hectic to the downright stressed! The last thing you need is to add an injury to the mix. It is important to take care of yourself before, during , and after a move and all of the to-do list items that come along with it. The good news is that there are ways to move safely to avoid adding unnecessary burdens to your already large and overwhelming load.

Protect Your Back

If you’re going to be doing a lot of heaving lifting yourself, you are going to be subject to back injuries which are the most common injury during a move. Prepare for the big day like you would any other strenuous physical activity, stretch! Take some time before you start hauling boxes around to stretch out your muscles. When it’s time to get to work remember that you should always lift with your legs, never your back. Squat down, get a good grip of whatever you’re lifting, and while keeping an upright posture bring the object up in the air using the muscles in your legs.

Stay Hydrated

Unless you’ve been preparing at the gym for moving day, your body may not be so prepared for all the heavy lifting. Even, if you are in shape, you might not be used to moving such oddly shaped items which makes it hard to avoid or some muscles. You can avoid the discomfort later by staying hydrated before, during and after your move.

Pay Attention

In general, pay attention to your surroundings. Moving means lots of big, heavy objects  will be in odd and even precarious places. Make sure you’re not in the way of other movers or in an area where something could fall on and injure you. Watch carefully to avoid getting your fingers or other body parts  smashed or pinched between big objects, doors or walls. In general, keep a wary eye for any situation that could induce an injury.

User Tools

There is no shame in having a little help when it comes to moving. If you have willing neighbors or friends let them help you! It’s also a great idea to buy or rent a dolly to move those really big items, and have a pair of gloves  to protect your hands and give you a better grip. Invest in some furniture sliders to avoid lifting really big objects for long periods of time. A good pair of shoes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a moving tool, but they are just as important.

Hire a Professional

One sure way to stay safe during your move us to hire a professional moving company. Hire someone who knows the in and outs of moving from years of experience and can eliminate and can eliminate the risk of injury for you and your loved ones. If you’re looking for a moving company in Utah to execute a safe and stress free move, contact Kellogg Movers today!

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