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Your Move in Checklist

If you’re preparing to move, you know there many things for you to keep track of. During the packing process your mind might not be focused on what happens after you move into your new home or what you’ll need to work on once that happens. If you fail to take the post-move work into account your first few days in your new home might be just as miserable and stressful as the last few days in your old one. Thankfully, with a little planning you can save yourself a lot of stress and those first few days will be enjoyable. To help you and your family with the transition, here is a move in checklist with five important tasks.

5 Things To Do When You Move Into Your New Home

1. Change The Locks

Once you have the keys to your new home it’s wise to buy and install new locks or have a locksmith stop by to change your locks. You can’t know for sure who has had keys to your new home in the past. Play it safe and get your locks changed. You’ll sleep easier at night knowing your home is totally and completely yours, and you can have this done relatively quickly.

2. Get Connected

Get your new utilities, internet, and any other connections your family regularly depends on set up. You can do this a few days before you move out of your old place, or just after you move into your new home. But already having everything connected, or at least scheduled, set up or scheduled to be set up will be a huge relief!

3. Update Your Address

As with getting connected, this is something that can be done before or after your move. Head to the post office and fill out a change of address form. Update your magazine and other subscriptions. Call your insurance company to update the address on your home insurance. Send your family members and friends your new information. Take care of each of these changes in one sitting and you’ll have less to worry about!

4. Clean & Paint

If you plan to paint doing so just before you move everything in, or while everything is still in boxes is the best time to do so. You’ll have your belongings out of the way and protected, allowing you free reign with a roller brush. The same goes with cleaning. Take an afternoon to deep clean your new space before you start unpacking. If you’re totally overwhelmed, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do it for you. If there’s ever a time to splurge for a professional cleaner, now is the time.

5. Service Your Appliances

Lastly, have your mechanical equipment and appliances services and cleaned. You can do this after you move in, but it will be a great way to take inventory of any maintenance or repairs you need to do around your new home. Periodically and routinely scheduling maintenance for your appliances and equipment will prolong their life. Starting this habit as soon as you move in will set you up to be the most responsible home-owner you can be.

These five steps will help to make your transition easier and more organized. But, if you haven’t hired professional movers to help you get to your new home call Kellogg Movers today! They are the premier moving company in Salt Lake City, Midvale and South Jordan. They will give you professional, careful help available 24/7. Your most convenient move is a call away with Kellogg Movers!


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