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Moving Boxes 101

If you’re moving, you are about to be surrounded by moving boxes, and that can mean a lot of confusion if you don’t have a good labeling system in place. Before you get to that point and while you’re preparing to move, you might do well to ask yourself a few questions. Should you pick up used boxes or should you buy new ones? What size boxes should you choose and how many? Will how you pack and label make a difference when you’re unpacking after your move?

You might think these are unimportant questions, but if you use the proper boxes and pack and label well, your move will go much smoother. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few things you should know about your moving boxes before you get started.

Helpful Guidelines For Selecting Moving Boxes

Keep Boxes Small

You should live buy one motto when packing; the heavier the items, the smaller the box. Sure you could fit a lot more in a big box but by doing so you run the risk of overloading it. It will become too heavy or precarious to carry safely. It is especially important to keep boxes with fragile items smaller. Focus on keeping things from breaking, not on how much you can fit into one box.

Focus On A Single Room

As you begin putting things in boxes, stick to one room at a time. Pack all of the items in the bedroom into boxes labeled “bedroom”. This will make it much easier to unpack later on. You’ll know where each box should go in your new home and you’ll also know that everything in that box stays in that room.

Keep Important Documents Accessible

Pack important documents together in a box that is clearly labeled. In the event that you need things like passports, insurance information, family photos, or health records you will be able to find them quickly.

Avoid Used Boxes

Many people have moved with used boxes without a problem, but why take a chance? You can never know just how sturdy they are. If you are able to afford it, purchase new boxes that you can rely on to keep your things safe. If you move with a reputable company new boxes are often available. Kellogg Movers, for example, has boxes, bubble wrap and tape on hand leaving you with three less things to worry about.

Use Packing Tape

Packing tape is designed with packing and moving in mind, making it the best choice to assemble and seal your boxes. It is easier to cut open when you unpack, and you can load it in to a tape gun which will make packing simple.

Label Boxes Twice

Label your boxes on the top and on the side. This will make them easy to read and sort whether you’re looking at a stack of boxes or carrying one into your new home.

Make A Parts Box

Start a “parts box” when you begin taking furniture apart. Use baggies to group furniture parts together, then put all of those baggies into a “parts box”. When you get to your new home you’ll be able to find everything you need to put your furniture together quickly.

Moving is challenging in many ways, but with good moving boxes that are packed well you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Once that’s done, don’t waste a great packing job on sloppy movers. Hire someone you can trust to move your boxes efficiently and without damage. Call or contact Kellogg Movers today and get a free quote!

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