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How To Make Moving Easier For Your Children

Moving isn’t just hard on you. If you have children, all of the changes – packing away all of their belongings, and relocating to a new home – can be extremely difficult. They may feel a lack of control while so much change around them. But with these tips you can make them feel secure, more comfortable, prepared to move, and even excited for the changes to come.

Include Them

If you’re just beginning the house hunting process, talk with your children about the impending move and what that is going to look like. It will be a good opportunity to ask them what they would like in a new house, or even bring them with you as you house hunt. If that’s not an option, most homes have photos listed online so you can sit down with your child and look at together. This also gives you an opportunity to break the news to them early. This will give your child and opportunity to prepare mentally or emotionally for the move.

Pick Out Their Room

What child wouldn’t be excited to move to a new home if they get to help choose a new bedspread or paint color for their own room? Not only will it give your child something to look forward to, it will give them a project to work on and keep their mind off more difficult aspects of the move.

Let Them Express Themselves

Even if your child acts excited about the move, you may notice more tantrums or bad moods. And that’s OK.  It is normal. Your child very well may be grieving, especially if they are leaving behind close friends. Let them write letters to people they may be leaving behind in your neighborhood, or give them a call once in a while. However, there is a fine line between grieving and a pity-party. As the adult, remain positive and help them to do so as well.

Consistency is Key

Despite inevitable changes, try to stay consistent with your child. Give them something “normal” to put them at ease. For example, set up their room as soon as you get to your new home. Besides a reminder of their old room, it will give them a place to escape to when they may feel otherwise overwhelmed. Or you can pack a separate box with their favorite toys and activities. Mark it clearly so when you arrive at your new home you can open that first. This will also give them something to do while you do other unpacking and organizing. Try loading your fridge immediately with some of your child’s favorite foods so that it feels like “home” as well.

Remember, some experts say it can take up to six months for a child to fully adjust to their new environment. While you are helping your child through the moving process, let Kellogg Movers help you with the everything else. The trained professionals can handle the packing, loading, moving, and unloading. They can even donate your old, unwanted furniture for you! Call Kellogg Movers for a free estimate before your big move.

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