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The Dangers of Moving Large Objects

And How Hiring a Professional Can Save You Time and Money

Moving doesn’t just mean that you have to pack up and haul off your small, fragile items. It also means moving your big pieces of furniture and major appliances too. Moving these large objects can be hazardous in many ways, for both you and your possessions. Before you decide you can handle that washing machine on your own, it’s important to understand the dangers of moving large objects.dangers of moving large objects.

Back Injuries

If you’ve ever talked to someone who has helped with a move, the odds are pretty good that they came away with a back injury. Sore backs are quite common when it comes to moving, and in more extreme cases movers may have pulled a muscle, torn something, or even thrown out a disk. Untrained movers often rely too much on their back when trying to lift large objects, making them extremely susceptible to these types of injuries. If you are going to lift a heavy object (or any object for that matter) make sure you are using the proper lifting technique. To do this, stand close to the object you want to move, spread your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees while keeping your back straight. Move thoughtfully and slowly to avoid tweaking or jerking your muscles.

Knee Injuries

Another danger of moving large objects is the strain on your joints. If you have had problems with your knees in the past, it’s a good idea to reinforce them before a move with a brace or band. The extra weight of these objects can put enough strain on your joints that it causes an injury. Make sure you use proper lift techniques and avoid pushing or pulling large objects. If your knees start to feel sensitive, stop what you’re doing and let someone step in to help.

Broken Items

Moving large items aren’t just difficult because of the weight factor; they are often awkward in shape as well. It can be very easy to lose balance or control of the object. Before you know it, you could be dropping that large, antique mirror and it will be damaged, or worse, broken beyond repair.

Home Damage

Going hand-in-hand with broken items, it is very easy to lose control of large objects and damage your home too. If you begin to drop something, your natural reaction may be to use a wall or a door-frame to help catch a big, heavy object. This could easily lead to an unnecessary paint-touch up, to patching up holes in walls.

Car Damage

If you’re able to successfully move a large object from your home without injury to your, the item, or your dwelling, there is still the risk of damage to your car or van during transportation. Loading the item may mean scratches or dents to your vehicle. And if it is not properly secured, there can be more damage while en route to your new home!

Moving large objects has plenty of dangers. If you injure yourself you’ll likely have to see a doctor, and you may even need time off of work to recover. Dealing with broken items will also cost you both time and money if you attempt to repair your belongings. And the last thing you need when moving is another wall to touch up with paint, a hole to repair, or a care to take to the repair shop.

By hiring a professional moving company, like Kellogg Movers, you can save yourself a bundle of time and money. Contact Kellogg Movers today to request a bid for your move.

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