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About, Kellogg Movers

About Us

Kellogg Movers is celebrating over 20 years of business.

Learning about our company is important. What began as a dream to serve others, the founder of Kellogg Movers committed to helping families during one of their biggest life events – moving. Starting with a small pick-up truck, Kellogg Movers has grown to a successful, multi-service company. Also, we recognize that our growth is due to a caring partnership with our customers.

Our customers are valued, and we prove it – not by what we say, but by what we do. We are all about business.

We are humbled to have earned the trust of thousands of people through the years. For instance, we are honored to get every smile, handshake, and personal review. Also, we look forward to many more years of meeting the needs of our current and future customers.

Our logo encapsulates what we stand for and believe to be true.

The logos and graphics on our uniforms and trucks are messages meant to inspire others and remind ourselves of what is important in life and at work! 

We strive to be personally and professionally Authentic. Also, we stand by what we say and are committed to being real. What you see is what you get.


Tufflove represents being willing to do whatever it takes to get better every day – individually and together. No matter the circumstances, we’ll face it and get it done. 

Never let anything or anyone still your joy, Never Give Up

Truly Believe and you will reach your path within. 

We work as a team, caring for others and one another with One Love – representing Strength, Love, and Unity.

Why we are the best at what we do!

The messages we share remind us of the importance of service. We’re not just a company working hard for our money, we are a family, and we approach each job with that in mind. Also, we’re not just putting our hearts into what we do, we’re putting our souls. Our customers can see the depth of our commitment. A commitment resulting in long-lasting relationships with our customers, many of which have become valued friends. At Kellogg Movers, we believe that a job well done requires teamwork, consideration, kindness, and fun. You will not go wrong if you choose to work with our team.

Let us show you how we stand apart from other companies.

We are committed to earning your loyalty by giving you the service you deserve. There is less to fear from outside competition than from inside inefficiency, discourtesy, and bad service. For example, we don’t compete with other moving companies. We compete only with ourselves in striving for our BEST with every opportunity we get!

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