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Check Out 5 Unexpected Moving Costs to Watch out for With Local Moving Services

By May 9, 2021January 7th, 2023No Comments

Unnecessary moving costs can add up with the wrong moving company. We want to help you avoid them. Here are five unexpected costs to watch out for with local moving services:


These are not minor expenses. Even if you use your boxes, you might have more items to pack than you thought ( Be ready for this possible change in plans. Other packing materials might include:



Cancellation & Other Fees

These vary depending on the moving company. This is more of a concern if the company does not charge flat rates ( Ask the moving companies that interest you directly about fees or charges before signing a contract ( Moving companies might try to charge you: 

  • For canceling after a certain time
  • For temporary storage at the moving company’s facility
  • For long-distance moving
  • For asking the moving company to make extra stops
  • For disposal of materials (



The purpose of insuring your items is to be able to replace them if they are damaged or broken ( Moreover, your insurance coverage or rates can change because of your new location. This difference can be good if they decrease, but you should know about and plan for a possible change before moving (



You might want to renovate your new space. Because this involves replacing new items, you should plan for this as well ( Additionally, if you choose not to use insurance, this will be even more important in case something happens to your belongings.


Check to see what changes there are in your internet, gas, and/or electric bills ( Long-distance travel might lead to this being more of a concern. Even if it is not, it will be useful to set aside money for this or adjust your plans accordingly.

Avoiding unnecessary expenses will go a long way for your move. As you can probably tell, these unexpected costs can add up. These tips will help you when you are evaluating your moving company.

Don’t wait too long to contact your local movers for a virtual quote. Reach out and schedule your move to get the best possible time for your needs. Don’t forget to visit the services page of our website at to get started. For more information please call (801) 300-1611.

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