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Seven Things to Look for in Local Moving Companies

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Hiring a local moving company can be a daunting task. Your belongings are your treasures, your memories, and your necessities. You wouldn’t want to entrust them to just anyone with a truck and some muscle. You have needs, requirements, and a timeline you want to follow. And it is of the utmost importance that you find a local moving company that shares your same ideals. Your goals must be their goals. But even more, their skill and precision must surpass your standards. Let’s take a look at SEVEN things to look for when you are choosing a local moving company:

1. Unpacking and Debris Removal

Your first thought may be of getting your home emptied and all of your belongings safely in transit. But beginning with the end in mind is a smart place to start. Does the company you are choosing offer unpacking and debris removal? Or will they drop your items at your new doorstep and scram? Ideally, they will not only put the items where you ask them to; but they will take any trash accumulated in the move and unpack your more fragile and heavy items to save you the strain and time. After all, that’s what you’re paying them for!

Seven Things to Look for in Local Moving Companies

2. Short-term and Long-term Storage

Perhaps your new place isn’t ready for move-in quite yet but you need to get out of your old home or office. You will want a moving company that will offer to store your items until you are ready to move in. Things can change at the drop of a hat during a move. Prepare for the unexpected by choosing a local moving company that will roll with the punches and provide a safe space to store your belongings until you are ready for them to be moved to their final destination.

3. Appliance and Furniture Assembly

A haphazard moving company might pack your appliances and furniture as quickly as possible. Thereby, forgetting that taking special steps to disassemble will protect their integrity and structure from damage. So when you find a company that does the job right, make sure they’ll put everything back together for you at your new place too.

Appliance and Furniture Assembly

4. Vehicle Shipping

Maybe you are a multi-vehicle family who wants to ride all together, or maybe you will be driving your car and have a recreational vehicle or motorcycle you need shipped. Find a company that will provide this service as an option. It will save you from needing to hire friends or family to help drive you to your destination with all of your vehicles in tow.(

5. Insurance

When your things are in the hands of a moving company, prepare for the worst. Be sure your company is insured in the event of:

  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Improper transport accidents

Be sure your items will be replaced or you will be reimbursed so that you can purchase something new.(

6. Delivery of Items

You may own your own flat-bed trailer to move most of your items on your own or with the help of friends. But when you need some of the heavier items delivered, there are local moving companies that will provide that service. Let them deliver your new washer and dryer to your new home. Let them move large items such as:

  • Large desks
  • Copy machine
  • Printer
  • Filing Cabinets

to your new office suite. Even if it’s not the whole space, your moving company should offer item delivery to complete your move for you. (

Delivery of Items

7. Safety Measures

Last, but certainly not least, your local moving company must have a strict protocol of safety measures set. Find out up front what they will do to protect not only the things they are moving, but also the walls and floor of your old and new home. Will they wear protective covers on their shoes or cover the floor with special mats? Will they protect their own bodies from harm by wearing the proper equipment to ensure no injuries occur? These are questions you want to ask before you hire. (

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about wasting money or losing your belongings to damage or incompetence on the part of your moving company. So, hire the best. Hire the company that offers every service you will need and is insured and skilled enough to do the job right the first time. Kellogg Movers is waiting for your call.

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