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Ten Things to Consider When Moving During Covid-19

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Ten Things to Consider When Moving During Covid-19

Moving is stressful enough without doing it during a global pandemic. But if you can’t avoid moving, then it’s best to make yourself aware of all of the necessary precautions you should take to stay safe. Your health and the health of those helping you during your move is just as important as the move itself. If anyone involved in the move is exposed or infected, it could throw a wrench in the entire process. This article will discuss 10 things to consider during this move.

1. Sanitary Precaution:

It’s crucial that you make this step, in particular, a priority beforehand. Plan how you will avoid unsanitary surfaces and unnecessary contact.

  • Buy new moving boxes.
  • Have available sanitizing stations at every entrance. Ask movers and whomever else has come to help to use them faithfully.
  • Limit contact with neighbors. Let your nearby neighbors know when you’ll be moving, especially if you live in a duplex or apartment complex.

2. Manage your Exposure:

You are not always in control of how many movers the company sends, and you’ve probably never been concerned about how many people would be in and out of your space as long as the job is done properly. However, discussing with your moving company beforehand how many workers will be involved will give you more control over your interactions. And ask what kind of precautions they will be taking. Will they wear gloves, masks, face guards, or any other gear?

  • Choose how many people will be allowed inside to help with moving.
  • Clearly state your expectations of social distancing and personal protective gear that must be worn

Manage your Exposure

3. Don’t Shake Hands:

This one seems obvious, but you will be meeting many new people during your move. Not only will you meet employees of your moving company, but you will meet new neighbors and say goodbye to old neighbors. There will be many opportunities to contact people where a smile and a wave would do the trick.

4. Do as Much Online as Possible:

You will need to sign a contract or two during the moving process. Maybe you will have a lease to sign at a new rental property or you’ll need a change-of-address form. Research to find how you can avoid going to different buildings and filling out different physical forms during this time. (

  •  Avoid hard-copy paperwork
  • Avoid tipping with cash (use Zelle, Venmo, or some other cash sending app)
  • Get a virtual quote for how much your move will cost rather than having a representative come to your house.

5. Ask Movers to Complete a Health Survey:

Don’t forget to ask your moving company if they already require this of their employees. If you trust your movers, then you may not feel the need to have your own. But don’t be afraid to ask them if you can take their temperatures before they enter your home.

  •  Monitor healthy the day of the move
  • List symptoms you would be uncomfortable being around.

6. Decide How you Want the Unpacking to be Handled:

  • Some people choose to have their belongings left in the garage when they arrive at their final destination, rather than having movers enter the house.
  • If you want the items brought into the house, maybe just choose a designated room to have them left in.


7. Disinfect New Home Prior to Unpacking:

Even if you have just had your home built custom, your home is full of germs from the people who inspected and worked on it. Be sure to read all label instructions of the items you use to clean surfaces so that they are effective.

8. Discuss with Your Moving Company their Covid-19 Protocol:

Before you hire them, you will want to know that if anything happened–you or someone fell ill and was infected with the viru–your moving company would work with you.

  • In case you become exposed to the virus during the moving process you will want to know the steps your movers will take to not waste your time or money.

9. Allow Fresh Air to Flow:

It is ideal to wait for a time of year that you wouldn’t mind having all of your windows and doors open to avoid stuffy, warm, cramped area where germs spread easier. (

  •  Open doors and windows while strangers are in the house.

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