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What questions do you need to ask to find the best furniture moving company?

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The furniture moving is a big headache if you have a big bungalow or apartment with a lot of artifacts and decorative items. There are certain antique wooden almirahs and designer coffee tables that are your favorite. You don’t want them scratched at any place. So, it’s a dire need to look for a furniture moving company Utah that will deliver your valuable furniture items without damaging them.

The first need for any customer to find a moving company is research. They must have realistic goals in hiring a mover company to get the best services. Any discrepancies in the moving process may cause trouble and lead to over budget. So, it is good to ask some questions yourself and the movers before selecting a moving company.

Here is a list of 7 questions that you need to ask the moving companies:

  1. How long is the mover company in business?

Experience in dealing with moving bulky furniture is important in taking the first step. The background check helps the customer to get quality moving services. The years that they have spent doing the business will help you to get the best service. Their knowledge of dealing with loading, packaging, and manpower will make your move super easy. The moving company with a safe history works lawfully in the state and can be trusted. One can rely on the data provided by AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) or any other reputed organization for the reputation of the moving company. A new company that has no experience will have no paper trail or reviews. So, no authentication about such a moving company will cause unnecessary trouble for the customers.

  1. Does the moving company have insurance?

The moving company must have a legal insurance cover and a registered license to move pieces of furniture and other objects. The vehicles owned by the company must follow all the norms and have legitimate licenses. The moving companies that provide certificates of insurance and other licenses on the landing page of their website are authentic. One can ask for the certificate from the mover company if they have doubts. It is important that the moving company abides by the regulations and permits stated by the state for the safety of your goods for reaching their destination in sound condition. There are scams taking place in the moving businesses today. So, carefully selecting the moving company with accreditation will be good.

  1. Are the moving crew skilled enough to prevent any damage to the furniture or carpets?

The moving companies that are used to shift your furniture follow some special moving techniques. It not only keeps the walls safe but also keeps the furniture scratch free. The large wooden pieces of furniture like sofas and beds can scratch the paint of the wall if not shifted carefully. The use of protective coverings on the corners, legs, and edges of the furniture will keep the floor and the walls safe. Moving pads and sliders are used in large quantities to move furniture, pianos, and bulky household items.

  1. What is the procedure for claims in case of lost and damaged items?

Despite taking enough precautions, damages can happen here and there. The loaded vehicle with your belongings may meet with any unfortunate incident. Some of your belongings may be damaged while handling and transporting them. So, taking into consideration all the possibilities, one must hire a mover company that offers a claim policy. For taking the advantage of the claim, you must be aware of the moving company’s procedure for reimbursements.

  1. Does the mover company limit itself to the rough estimate?

The budget is an important part of the moving chaos. A rough estimate that includes the fee, transportation vehicle, and packaging costs may increase with the hidden charges levied by the moving company. So, ask the executive from the moving company to pay a visit to check the quantity of the goods and offer a deal package. It will help to set the upper limit of the moving costs. Last-minute overcharging can be avoided if you have agreed upon paying a fixed price even if the weight of the household objects exceeds the estimate.

  1. Are the moving staff trained enough to handle delicate items?

It is mandatory for a moving company to hire permanent employees. The regular employees are trained for handling and package furniture and belongings safely. They are professionally trained and experienced, unlike the contract workers.  A thorough background check, employee insurance, and compensation fall under the permanent employee act. Hence, their intention is to safeguard the interest of the client because they are liable for the damages that may occur to the customer’s property.

  1. How much time is taken by the moving company in transit?

For moving to the same city, the transportation time must be limited to a day or two. It includes the packaging and loading of the furniture in the container. But for long-distance moves like interstate or international, there is a certain time period needed to transfer the furniture and other objects. The mover company must tell in advance about the total time taken for the things to reach safely.  For long distances, the shipping time increase as water transport or rail transport is involved. So, a trusted moving company appoints an executive that will invigilate your move. He is authorized to track the whole process and send updates regarding the delivery dates and safety of your move. 


There are moving companies that work for the customers’ satisfaction. There are many printable questionnaires available on the internet that can be used to get an insight into your needs.  So, hire Kelloggs movers, the best furniture moving company Utah that has a reputation to maintain. They will make your moving process convenient and in your budget.

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