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13 Tips for Moving an Office

By July 28, 2023July 31st, 2023No Comments
Moving office space

Moving an office can be hard, but if you plan and do it right, you can make sure the move goes smoothly. Here are some important tips for moving a office and help you get through the process:


Moving office space

1. Make a detailed plan for moving.

Start early and make a plan that includes all the tasks, dates, and responsibilities you need to do. Additionally, assign roles to workers or choose a move coordinator to keep an eye on everything.

2. Talk to Your Team

Tell your team members about the upcoming office move. In addition, give them regular updates, listen to their worries, and include them as much as possible in the planning process.

Moving an office space

3. Do an audit before you move.

Before you start packing, you should do a thorough audit of your present office space. Find things to keep, give away, throw away, or sell. Moreover, this will help get rid of needless things and save money on moving costs.

4. Hire a professional office moving company.

Look for office movers with a lot of experience who focus on business moves. In addition, a good moving company can make the process easier, take care of sensitive equipment, and make sure the move goes well. If you need help moving office space, call Kellogg Movers.

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5. Plan for IT and technology.

Work with your IT team or a service provider to make sure that the transfer of your technology equipment, such as computers, servers, phone systems, and internet connections, goes smoothly.

6. Label boxes and put them in order.

Clearly name boxes with their contents and where they will go in the new office. Putting things in order by department or office will make it much easier to unpack and set up.

Packing boxes

7. Think about how the furniture will be set up.

Make a floor plan for the new office and plan ahead how the furniture and desks will be set up. This will speed up the process of setting up on moving day.

8. Change your address and contact information.

Tell your clients, vendors, service providers, and any other important people well before you move about your new location and contact information.

9. Put essentials in a separate box or bag.

Items like office supplies, important papers, and personal belongings that workers will need right away on their first day in the new office should be put in a separate box or bag.

Moving and packing

10. Make a backup plan.

Be ready for delays or problems that come up out of the blue during the move. Next, have a back-up plan ready in case something goes wrong.

11. Plan your move Strategically.

Try to move your office at a time that won’t cause too much trouble for your business. If you want to avoid busy work times, you might want to move on a weekend or a holiday.

Clean office space

12. Hire a cleaning service.

Its is great to hire a cleaning service for both the old and new offices to make sure that the new location is clean and ready to go.

13. Do an evaluation after the move.

After the move, ask workers what they thought about it and look for ways to make future moves better.


By using these tips and planning ahead, you can make the process of moving your office easier and make it a good time for both your team and your clients. Kellogg Movers can help if you need help moving an office. Call us at 801-300-1611 to set up a date for moving your office!

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