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Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Movers

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It’s not often you find yourself handing over possession of your belongings to strangers. So, when you are hiring residential movers it can feel foreign and overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 questions to ask your residential movers before you sign a contract with them. Asking these questions will improve your moving experience by:

  • Saving you money
  • Protecting you from dishonest companies
  • Helping you understand the process
  • Removing the possibility of surprises during an already stressful experience

top 8 Questions to Ask Your Movers

1. How will you determine my cost? You cannot trust a moving company that doesn’t take a full inventory of your possessions before giving you a quote. A walk-through is a typical first step in the process of receiving a quote. But that quote can change if the movers discover items later in the process that was not initially accounted for. So, make it easy for them to see everything right from the beginning.

2. Are you licensed and insured? Protect yourself from scammers who are out to hold your belongings hostage until you pay exorbitant fees. Ask to see proof of their insurance and their license so that you can be rest assured that whatever happens during the process, you will not have to come out of pocket any more than the amount you have already agreed upon.Contact, Kellogg Movers, Employment

3. Will there be a deposit? A deposit for a large home improvement project is a given. So why not when hiring movers? Beware of movers who want the moving cost up-front. Even companies who ask for half up-front may have something to hide. Your company should be paid only when they have safely delivered your belongings to their final destination and completed all the services you hired them for.

4. Will there be hidden fees? Even with an honest, reputable moving company, you can run into unexpected fees. If, for example, you neglect to tell the movers that you are moving into a 3rd-floor apartment you could see a fee for the added time, care, and effort taken to carry your belongings up three flights of stairs. That’s just one example of the many ways charges can add up. Explore those options before signing a contract so that you can give all the necessary information upfront and avoid surprise charges.

5. How will I be reimbursed for damaged items? Ask about the statute of limitations on filing an insurance claim for broken goods, but also ask your moving company what they plan to do to make it right. We all hope nothing bad will happen during a move, but it’s best to know you’re hiring a company that is open about their policies.

6. What moving services do you offer? There’s a chance you might pack your own belongings, but you want the movers to unpack them at your new residence. Or maybe all you need is for your larger furniture to be loaded and transported. Will you be wanting your belongings stored nearby because your new house isn’t move-in ready? Make sure the individual services you need will be offered. (

7. How can I help? If you are willing to have absolutely everything ready on moving day, you can save your movers time. And that will save you money. Movers agree that you make their job a lot easier if you:

  • Stay nearby to answer any questions. 
  • Label boxes.
  • Don’t put heavy items in large boxes.
  • Empty all drawers and compartments of furniture.
  • Finish packing before the movers arrive.

8. What safety precautions are you taking during Covid-19? You may not have considered a year ago how your movers would be conscious of social distancing and disinfecting surfaces for your safety. Good movers will have an action plan in place to comply with CDC recommendations. Just ask what their plan entails so you can be in compliance and feel safe.

It’s no small task packing up your life and moving across the country, or even just across the street. You want your belongings to be safe. You want your money to be well-spent. And you want no surprises! 

Kellogg Movers want to ensure your moving experience is hassle-free. Call us at 801-300-1611 to get started on your moving plans. And visit us online at to learn about what services we offer. State to state relocations services, commercial, and residential–we do it all.

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