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Top 4 Characteristics of the Right Type of Moving Company in Salt Lake City

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save time by hiring a moving company in Utah

Finding the right moving company takes time and money. Let us help you save both by providing four tips. You could think of the essential characteristics as an acronym: R.E.W.R. A great moving company in Salt Lake City will be:

  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Worth the Cost
  • Recommended


You will want to be able to trust the moving company. Three ways to make sure the moving company is reliable is to:


Moving companies’ experience indicates their track record. For instance, if a moving company has existed for 10 years and has good reviews, this history adds more credibility than if the company has existed for only a year. Look for companies that will have no problem transferring the types of items you need to move to your new location (

Worth the Cost

Choose your top five moving companies. Compare the quotes and services of each company and choose the one that is the most cost-effective ( Determine if there are lower rates on certain days of the week (


Check to see if there are any reviews. Are they authentic? Are most of the reviews negative? See when customers posted reviews and whether they are mostly positive, the same, or mostly negative. These will help you see how the company has performed and whether it has or has not consistently provided excellent service to its customers.

Put in work before choosing a moving company to save yourself time and money. Experienced movers are a great choice. Comparing quotes helps you avoid choosing a company that will overcharge you. Look at reviews for insight into their services.

Do not wait too long to contact your local movers for a virtual quote. Reach out and schedule your move to get the best time for your needs. And do not forget to visit the services page of Kellogg Movers website at to get started. For more information please call (801) 300-1611.

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