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Want to Know When to Call A Moving Company? Here Is The Right Answer!

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When there are plans and estimates for moving all the stuff to a new house, the first question that comes to mind is when to call the moving company. Although there are many speculations about the first call made to the packers and movers, the right answer is four to six weeks in advance. It may differ from the interstate move or international move as there are other requirements needed to be taken care of in addition to the local move. But hammering the deal with the best ones will give you the right opportunity to take your furniture and goods to a new house. 

 So, all the aspirants who want to hire the best moving companies in Salt Lake City should give a call to the moving company well before they have to move. The prior notice that is sent to the mover company has many benefits for the clients. It will open up a window for sharing all the information related to the transit of goods and the expectations that the clients have from the movers. 

 Here are some advantages of hiring an affordable moving company Utah before the scheduled move: 

  1. Meet all expectations

Whether you are planning a local, interstate, or international move, the keyword for booking the best moving company is “advance booking”. This will be decided by the festive season or the busy ones if your favorite moving company will help you to relocate to your new destination. The time needed for the whole move can be planned for at least 6 weeks with the person from the moving company who visits to calculate the pre-move estimates. Thus any expectations from the packers and movers related to the loading, packing, and unloading will be fulfilled to satisfy the clients.  

  1. Pick-up date and arrival date according to your plan

When the movers are contacted at least a few weeks before you have to move out, the whole procedure is streamlined. The moving companies will make a schedule for you about the packing and the pickup dates. It will also calculate the time taken for the transportation of the container and tell about the date of arrival of the loaded truck to the required destination. So, it prevents any last-minute hassles and misplaced house articles.  

  1. Give alternative dates

For the moving plans in the coming seasons, the talk between the moving company and the customer makes it easy to plan the best dates that do not clash with other tasks. Also, the weekends are always costlier and more packed than the weekdays. So, it is right to save some money with the advance booking for the move during the fewer rush days. Prior notice about any change of date must be communicated for any further delays.  

  1. No extra costs

The sooner the moving company is contacted, the better and more efficient the moving procedure. So, you can always cut down extra costs for the packaging and the labor costs by trying to sign some deal with the moving company. There are many good packers and movers that offer a wholesome deal for the complete shift. So, be a smart buyer and crack a deal that offers benefits with the movers to relocate to your new place.  

  1. Selecting services

There are many services offered for the local movers and the inter-city movers. Picking your moving company well in advance is a good way to get a bunch of services added to the whole package. Last moment booking will have a limited choice left for the clients about the moving company as well as the services. The good movers are booked in at least three-month advance so don’t delay this selection for the last week. The manpower required for handling heavy furniture and goods must be skilled enough to prevent any scratches and damages. So, include all the services that need skill and expertise.  

  1. Interstate moving made easier

If you are moving to a different city, it is good if the movers are contacted before 6 weeks and are asked to calculate a pre-move estimate. This is surely going to save time and energy for the whole move. The communication between the executives and the clients will be less complicated as there will be no rush to do things. This is good as the plan for the delivery schedules can be talked about in advance. All the toll tax, road service tax, and insurance risks are covered by trusted moving companies. So, don’t delay in calling a moving company with all the qualities.  

  1. Save money on International move

If the movers are booked before the stipulated time of the move, it will solve many difficulties that can arise during international moving. There are so many household items that collectively need to be packed and moved to your new location without getting damaged. If the distance traveled by the moving vehicle is more, the damages incurred during the shifting are always more. So, taking help from the residential moving company Salt Lake City which has expert hands in handling your belongings is a good step. And calling six weeks or eight weeks in advance will smoothen your shifting.  

  1. Seasonal moving 

The peak season or the festival time is an urgent moving time for many customers and they hire the best movers for the same. If you have not planned your move with the moving company and have to deal with all the moving preparations and booking yourself during the peak season, it will be a headache. The last-minute action for the packaging, labor availability, and truck availability will be a nuisance for you. So, if there are talks with the moving company before four weeks at least, it will give them ample time to accommodate all your moving requests. Conveying all your needs in detail to the furniture moving company Utah will make your furniture shifting process easier and quicker.

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